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Vibrational Sound Baths


As humans, we all have a vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency can be tuned with sounds around us. When the body falls out of tune, feelings of unhappiness, impatience, and frustration often appear. Vibrational sound baths give the body a frequency tune-up, bringing energy back in alignment with feelings of peace and happiness.

The sounds produced during vibrational sound baths help relax the mind. Racing thoughts are quieted as the mind attempts to recognize patterns within the sounds. Eventually, the mind stops"trying" and surrenders. A deep meditative state follows. This is a great end-of-the-day class that can reduce anxiety & stress and helps facilitate a restful night's sleep.



Classes are 45-minutes long and include:

  • personal grounding session in a large singing bowl

  • guided meditation

  • sound bath


Dress in loose, comfortable clothing (think pajamas). 


Some items that you may want to bring:

  • yoga mat

  • warm blanket

  • eye pillow

  • water bottle

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